How To Book

Transfers from Airports

Arriving from other country or city and you need to have a Minicab for your airport transfers... worrying about it? The biggest question in your mind is how to find a Minicab as soon as after reaching the airport. Chelsea Minicab are here to provide you the solution of your biggest question in your mind.

We are providing service of airport transfer to and from any of London’s five major airports namely London Stansted, London City airport, London Gatwick and London Heathrow towards the surroundings of London areas. The under mentioned is the quick guide to utilize our system of booking the Minicabs or taxis:

London postcode (Zip code) to any of the London airport:

First: When you need to pick up from the postcode to the airport, you have to select the first part of the postcode in the “Instant Quote” box.

Second: You have to select the airport at which you want to drop at, in the given box labelled “Drop off location”. The airports like Gatwick / Heathrow / Stansted / Luton / London City.

From London airport to any London postcode (Zip code):

Third: When you need to pick up form the airport to any London postcode then you have to reverse the system the order of steps 1 & 2. Then “Get an instant Quote” by clicking on the button, you will now redirect to the Booking page.

Selection of vehicle size:

Fourth: The next step of booking system will be to select the vehicle depending upon the passengers and cases. We have provided the rough guide for each of the vehicle type with the price below so it will be easy for you to select, if required.

The price shown is the total price you have to pay, as we have no hidden price policy. For journeys, which starts from airport the price, is slightly higher as this will include the waiting and airport parking charge.

Additional Information Form

Fifth: The next step for booking is to fill up the information form as needed, keep in mind that the flight arrival time is the booked time and Chelsea Minicab will monitor the flights consequently.

You will be required to have the full international dialling code. If there, is any special requirements i.e. heavy or bulk luggage, need more time in immigrations or the baby seat, etc.

For airport pickups only (UK SIM Card):

Sixth: The UK sim card facility is only for the airport pickups as if you are in need to have a UK mobile number we can supply it you with the number in advance. The driver will meet you with sim card topped up and ready to go. After getting the sim card, it will be all yours to receive the calls both (local and international) to your mobile phone while you are in UK. The phone set you are using should be unlocked to accept any UK network.

Sixth A: For journeys to the airport (Drop Off +): If you are travelling with children or you expect to have a lot of luggage then you can select the option of Drop off+. Our driver will park the car in the car park and escort you to inside the terminal and will assist you either to the queue (depending on the length of queue) or to check in the desk.

Return Booking

Seventh: If you are in need to return the booking then you have to select “yes” and you will be redirect to complete the return booking form and if not then select “no”.


Eight: There are two method of payment for our system of booking, (1) Cash to driver: You can pay your Minicab fare at the end of the journey to the driver (receipt can given to you, if required). (2) Pay online:

If you need to pay online then you can pay us through Pay pal, Master Card, or Visa, as these are our payment-processing gateway. These payment-processing systems are secure and millions of online buyers trust on them. For additional security, none of your credit/debit details is on our systems.

Once all the requirements for booking are fulfil, you will receive an email for your booking confirmation. Additionally we will provide you the pickup and meeting point details in the email. We will inform you through the email within 48 hours after your booking time.